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“Paul captures the essence of some great characters and reminds us of some important, universal stories on a recording that mixes elements of narrative folk music and gritty blues.”
- Joe Reilley, CKCU Radio

Paul Weber is a bilingual singer-songwriter, guitarist, storyteller and videographer who has performed across Canada in various incarnations. His high-energy live shows combine folk tunes with storytelling and video, all presented in a laid-back, humorous way. Online Paul has mastered the art of performing while presenting his own custom videos. Online or in-person, Paul gives an engaging, captivating, even educational performance. He recently won a City of Ottawa competition to have one of his songs featured in the “Music on Hold” program. So if you really want to hear one of his songs just call the City and get put on hold!

Paul’s music reflects his eastern-Ontario folk roots and his strong connections to his community. His songs are full of stories about the people and places he grew up with and the history of those places. His most recent album, Ode to Gerry Barber, was inspired by a fire and born during a pandemic. It’s full of stuff that doesn't always make it into the history books—a heartfelt album about community, struggle, and lost stories. From song to song, Paul’s musical styles go from front-porch folk, to jazzy ballad, to country-flavoured pop—you never know what will come out next! His song writing combines the emotional rawness of Bruce Springsteen with the locally-themed songs of Stompin’ Tom and the historic sagas of Gordon Lightfoot.


Over his career Paul has performed at venues such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Dawson City Folk Festival. He has released five different recordings, three with the Afro-pop band Cheza (, one with the Main Street Market Band ( and one solo recording. In both the latter bands Paul was the manager and principal songwriter.

Paul has been the receipt of two FACTOR grants, a grant from the City of Ottawa, and funding from the Canada Broadcasting Corporation. In 2020 he was awarded a Bernard-Grandmaître award for his musical contribution to Francophone culture. In 2021 Paul won a City of Ottawa competition to have one of his songs featured in the “Music on Hold” program.

Paul is available as a solo performer, with a trio, or with a larger ensemble, depending on the type of event. Stage plots available on request.

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Paul Weber is an engaging storyteller, singer and songwriter. He is a people’s poet of sorts, telling tales of past times, stories of the street, and community struggles. With one foot in the narrative folk tradition and another foot in the digital world, Paul frequently combines self-made videos into both his live and online performances, making for an engaging and sometimes educational show. Paul just released, “Ode to Gerry Barber”, a heartfelt collection of songs in a wide range of musical styles. In 2020 he was awarded a Bernard Grand Maître aware for his musical contribution to Francophone culture.

“Over the past year Paul has been coming into Canadian Spaces, the show I host on CKCU, to regularly perform songs from his new project, the Ottawa Songs. Paul’s songs have impressed me with their deep connection to our community, strong lyric content and emotional impact. These are some of the best tunes I’ve ever heard from Paul.”
- Chris White, CKCU Radio DJ

"We asked Paul to write a song in honour of a friend who was about to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her arrival in Canada. We met and provided details of what made her special in the eyes of her friends. Aside from a vague idea that it should have a catchy refrain he headed out for a few months while a creative seed took root. The result was a lively and uplifting song with catchy lyrics that captured her essence perfectly. Together with Paul's natural ability to entertain, a great evening was enjoyed by all! Thanks Paul!"
- Judith Schmid (commissioned a song from Paul)

“Living in Lanark by the Burnt Lands every day. I was so moved by this great song of Paul Weber's (The Great Fire of 1870) . It is right up there with Lightfoot's Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, or Stan Rogers' Mary Ellen Carter..bravo ! Truly a great work.”
- Jim Mountain, CKCU Listener

“Paul Weber's "Songs of Ottawa". This was a particularly touching presentation. Paul has developed a body of songs that tell the history and story of our region. Historic events, the hardship of building a community in this harsh conditions, the tales of characters well known to many who were born in this city or lived here a few decades ago. If you have a chance to catch Paul at one of his future shows I strongly encourage to go and enjoy a fascinating work of musical art.”
- Juan-Luis Vasquez Ceron , House Concert Presenter

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You can reach Paul at, or via, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Bandcamp or Instagram